martedì 8 aprile 2008


SILVERSTONE, England, April 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite its position at the cutting edge of high performance engineering,motorsport is struggling to recruit the skilled engineering technicians itneeds. New research from Motorsport 100 has also found that motorsportreflects issues across the GBP50bn high-tech engineering industry, where thenegative image of engineering in the UK is creating a growing skills gap.The latest Motorsport 100 survey (commissioned by Motorsport DevelopmentUK) has found that motorsport companies are increasingly worried about theincreasing shortage of engineering talent in the UK, with 45% of companiesbelieving engineering and technical skills to be the key area in need ofimprovement. 19% of businesses consider the negative image of engineering tobe a key part of the growing recruitment problem.However, the motorsport industry is making major moves to combat thedecline. David Richards, Chairman of Prodrive and Aston Martin, recentlystated that he wants motorsport to "make engineering cool" and attract morepeople towards a career in engineering. The latest survey highlights theinitiatives being set up by the industry. The Learning Grid inspires youngpeople through motorsport engineering and the Motorsport Academy is workingwith the industry to address skills needs.Lord Drayson, former Defence Procurement minister and racing driver,echoes these sentiments: "There is a shortage of engineers in this country.As an industry, we need to motivate kids through iconic projects. We need todeliver a message that engineering is fun and challenging, but at the sametime, that it can do good and help save the environment. The next generationwill be more focused on combating climate change. The motorsport industry hasthe potential to be a leader in this field as a unique testing ground forgreen technologies."Motorsport moves rapidly and it is important that training and educationmeet its constantly changing needs. The Motorsport Academy creates that link.Its Employer Recognition Scheme works with educators to develop and identifycourses that meet the industry's needs and increase potential engineers'exposure to the motorsport industry.Lord Drayson adds: "The industry would benefit from promoting its greatrange of skills and engineering capabilities to the public. More transparencywould greatly enhance motorsport's image and help inspire young minds towardsa career in engineering."Motorsport Development UK (MDUK)

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