martedì 15 aprile 2008

A Painting a Day

Bedtime Stories
oil on gesso panel

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I'm a British artist living in the USA. In addition of showing my work in fine art galleries in Britain and America, I do what is known as 'A Painting a Day'. These little studies are usually smaller than 7" and are completed in one go. They are often studies for larger paintings or 'warm ups'.

I price these very low - starting from just $40 so they are accessibly priced for most budgets. My gallery price range is $300 to $6000 - so these little pieces are a bargain. My work can be found in collections internationally, and I was the subject of award-winning documentary, 'High Art' in 2005.

This is one of my painting a day studies, 'Bedtime Stories' 7x5", oil on gesso panel. It is signed, and was created using the finest French oil paints and Walnut oil medium. I can ship anywhere in the world - these paintings don't weigh much so shipping to Europe can be as little as $6.00.

The subject is my young niece, Ellie, and this is part of an ongoing series of studies for larger paintings on the theme of 'home'. She was actually 'reading' to me at the time!
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