martedì 22 aprile 2008

ARTREVIEW.COM: A NEW ONLINE HUB FOR THE ARTWORLD Be part of contemporary art's most dynamic online community, launched by the publishers of ArtReview magazine, is a new hub for the artworld – a place for artists, collectors, gallerists and curators to meet, exchange views, find exciting new artwork and discuss the latest events and ideas in contemporary art. Free to join, easy to use, lets members post artwork, blogs, audio and video, start conversations, write reviews, make groups, create profile pages for galleries and promote exhibitions. With a unique blend of editorial and community-generated content, aims to open up the contemporary artworld and create a true forum for participation, discussion and experimentation. As well as providing a global gallery for artworks that anyone can upload, features the Project Space for specially commissioned artist projects – it’s a new way of looking at art online. is a bold new vision for a fully participatory artworld online, a stage for unfettered creativity and communication. Join us today and see for yourself!

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