martedì 29 aprile 2008


Today The O2, in collaboration with Art Concerts, launches MonumentalClassics. Carmina Burana, the first in the new classical series, will takeover The O2 on 17th January 2009. Never seen before in the UK but enjoyed byover a million people across the rest of the world Monumental Classics aimsto take the classical music experience to a new level. Franz Abraham, thecreator of the production, brings Carl Orff's masterpiece to life with over250 performers - including the world-renowned Royal Philharmonic Orchestraand Brighton Festival Chorus and Youth Choir, as well as dancers, actors, andsingers. The dramatic staging has been created by Walter Haupt, a longstanding close friend of Orff himself, and features a giant set, previouslyonly seen outside and in stadiums, sensational light projections andfireworks. Carmina Burana, the world's most popular piece of classical music,tells the story of the wheel of life and all that brings; love and lust, lifeand death, rich and poor, power and poverty. This production marks the firsttime the tale behind the music has been acted out along with the music. FranzAbraham's production of Carmina Burana was first launched in 1995 and haswowed audiences since, including a performance on Copacabana beach in Rio toan audience of 100,000 people. Abraham commented on his production coming toLondon: "The British public will never have experienced anything like thisproduction of Carmina Burana. The breathtaking set, dramatic performancesfrom both a world-class orchestra and choir, along with first class actorsand dancers will leave many open mouthed. I have enjoyed seeing people movedby Carmina Burana across the world and it is only right that it is nowexperienced by a UK audience."David Campbell, Chief Executive of AEG Europe, owners and operators ofThe O2 commented: "Carmina Burana at The O2 will be a totally new classicalexperience that will knock the senses. The arena will be transformed by thecelebrated set and will offer music fans a classical concert like no otherthey will have witnessed before."Carmina Burana will be followed soon by large scale productions of othermajor classics. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 9am from Europe (O2 ARENA)

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