venerdì 25 gennaio 2008


Yesterday I saw serious Santoro, some evening before Mastella from Porta a Porta, but it is only a series useless ... Of transmissions without wanting to have spit on him and I think that has spurred the majority vomiting. I ask that the Italian political class, at least by the self-styled republic on the second, before opening mouth must restore all back wages perceived as senators, deputies, ministers and so on. In this way the hole state should decrease. I think lightness seen how they built their mechanisms of consensus playing on the desperation of people .... And that a census is made of their current property compared with the situation prior to their political activity and take back all that is in excess. Personally, I believe that Mastella be so stunned not understand what states and not realize the seriousness of his actions against the Italians. All his political life, and what comes out is a fraud against citizens and explain, if need was, because since there is the Italian Government there is a "question of noon" and such other Italian areas . Unfortunately Mastella spoke from animal struck, surprised that someone can judge and condemn .... maybe he has done wrong has only placed some her husband in a public facility ... and that's bad .. . do it all. But other politicians .... Unfortunately not. Today, thanks to them, to their rudeness, their vulgarity, their complete lack of respect for the Italian people .... Italy appears sputtanata the blame for them on all of the media world. While silent and chiotti Italians working ... Politicians are destroying everything. Maybe for them is a game .... But not for those who sweats bread day after day. They must ask forgiveness, excuse, kneel, restore all back wages by senators, deputies, ministers .... And disappear. Go to work with your hands with a salary that does not exceed € 800 per month and no hope to count on a pension. They must all go home and not get more review disappear and instead are thinking of ponovno, propssime elections and the centre-right also has the courage to boast the arrival of Mastella in their file, which is used to make a company Cuffaro (not has done nothing but even though he was sentenced to 5 years and still continues to do the President of the Region of Sicily) and many others. I ask lawyers, accountants, trade associations to make way for a class action against politicians and take back all the salaries received by the Second Republic onwards ... And possibly questionable properties then ..... That disappear in silence

venerdì 11 gennaio 2008


Eh si, la vikta non scorre così tranquilla come a volte sogniamo, anzi spesso è così incarbugliata che non ci capisce un  tubo. 
Però poi quando ci sono delle occasioni per cambiare... allora ci torna tutto più caro e prezioso.

giovedì 3 gennaio 2008