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Cutting-Edge Electric Bike Taking Transport in a Whole new Direction

Cutting-Edge Electric Bike Taking Transport in a Whole new Direction

LONDON, April 17/PRNewswire/ -- With its cool, contemporary design and innovative engineering the new A2B electric bike is taking transport in a whole new direction. The freedom, independence and sheer exhilaration that its riders experience will make the A2B a top-choice alternative to cars and public transport. Consumers fed up with the daily grind of commuting will love its silent and speedy acceleration and the comfort and ease of the journey - riders can cruise up the steepest hills and still arrive feeling fresh. No stress, no hassle - and no need to worry about crowded public transport, heavy traffic or parking nightmares. And if a ride in the country is more your thing, the A2B will help you to go further for longer, finding new routes and new experiences.
Plus, with clean emissions technology, you'll be doing your bit to help the planet. In these credit crunch days, commuters can be assured that it's easy to earn back the cost of their new purchase with savings on car running costs and public transport. Research has shown that electric bike owners use their bikes more than pedal bike owners - no wonder, with all these benefits and the sheer fun of the ride!
The A2B range is designed to be an electric bike from start to finish and its cool, contemporary look is testament to this approach, as is the innovative direct-drive motor, developed and patented by its owner, Ultra Motor, one of the world's leading developers of Light Electric Vehicles.

The A2B Metro and A2B Hybrid are to be launched at the Gadget Show Live today, 17 April, following successful launch in the US last year. The Metro is a 'power on demand' electric bike and the Hybrid is 'pedal-assist'
electric bike. With the power on demand A2B Metro, riders can choose either to pedal or cruise under power, allowing them to reach their destination with minimum effort. With the 'pedal-assist ' A2B Hybrid, the rider must pedal but the electric motor boosts the rider's pedal input - perfect for those who want to keep fit but need a little boost from time to time.

Ultra Motor President Joe Bowman says, "We are very excited to be launching the A2B into our home market, the UK. We have focused on innovative design and rigorous engineering to make this next generation of electric bikes second to none."

Prices: The A2B Metro RRP is GBP1949.00, and A2B Hybrid is GBP1749.00.
Colours: Metro - white, black, silver, blue; Hybrid - white, black.

Key features include:
- road speeds of 15mph (A2B metro off-road speed of 20mph)
- silent acceleration
- ergonomically engineered frames
- comfort seats and superior suspension
- as little as 6-7p to recharge the battery
- approximate range on full battery 20 miles for Metro and 50 miles
for Hybrid

About Ultra Motor

Ultra Motor is a leading developer of Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) technology with operations in India, Taiwan, China, United States & UK. Ultra Motor has pioneered and successfully commercialised its proprietary electric motor technology to enable reliable, high-performance and affordable means of transport, in the form of electric bicycles and electric scooters. Founded in 2002, the Company's global corporate headquarters are located in London.

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Source: Ultra Motor Ltd

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