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Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. Rolls Out GPS Tracker Device Dealer Program to Electronic Retailers

Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. Rolls Out GPS Tracker Device Dealer Program to Electronic Retailers

FORT COLLINS, Colo., May 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. is pleased to announce the debut of its new dealer program to the GPS retail market. The dealer program is designed to authorize retailers to re-sell Rocky Mountain Tracking's GPS tracker devices under a private label directly from their retail stores. Rocky Mountain Tracking is specifically targeting consumer electronic retailers, car audio stores, installers, rental equipment stores, car dealerships, and various comparable business models.


"Incorporating the dealer program with the retailers' current model will increase consumer interest and create additional consumer markets as GPS tracking devices are now becoming mainstream," says Gary Whitney, Director of Sales at Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc.

The dealer program will afford retailers the opportunity to significantly increase their revenues. A typical profit margin is as much as 200% in many cases. Joining the dealer program is free of charge to all retailers. The retailer is only responsible for the sale of the GPS tracker hardware. Rocky Mountain Tracking provides the consumer with technical support and service, and account set-up, and any additional services needed after the initial sale of the product by the retailer.

Rocky Mountain Tracking has earned its trusted reputation with over 30,000 devices sold and a hardware reliability rate at more than 99.5%. The company's web-based tracking software has been called "state-of-the art." Rocky Mountain Tracking's near-flawless reliability record, coupled with its reputation for producing outstanding product has generated greater demand in the highly competitive field of GPS tracking. Rocky Mountain Tracking will stand behind the retail private label and amplifying the overall integrity of the product; ultimately resulting in higher sales, and a boost in consumer loyalty.

About Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc.

Rocky Mountain Tracking was founded in 2003, and is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado. RMT has sold over 30,000 GPS tracking devices and is the leading GPS tracking provider in the United States. RMT's state-of-the art tracking solution, NavIQ, has become increasingly popular for nearly all GPS tracking and vehicle recovery applications nationwide.

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