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Brian Evans to Sing 'At Fenway'

Brian Evans to Sing 'At Fenway'

LAS VEGAS, May 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Brian Evans has sung the national anthem for The Boston Red Sox several times, but he has bigger things in mind for his favorite baseball team.

The singer, originally from Haverhill, Massachusetts, has made a career performing in Las Vegas, and as the opening act for Jay Leno, Joan Rivers, Social Distortion, Dionne Warwick, and Franki Valli among others. However, Evans, who is currently working on a new CD that will feature a duet with Kelly Osbourne, has written a new song that he is sure his fellow Bostonian's will love. The song is titled "At Fenway", and will be recorded by a big band at Capitol Records in Hollywood, produced by Grammy nominated producer Chris Walden.

"Fenway Park has always been my favorite place on Earth," says Evans. "When I am in that park, I feel like I'm with an extended family. No matter where you sit, you know it's going to be a special day," he says.

Brian's music is heard on such popular television programs as "So You Think You Can Dance", "Big Shots" and the recently released major motion picture "The Wedding Weekend" starring Molly Shannon.

Evans says he got the idea to write the song while sitting at Fenway Park watching a Red Sox game in person.

"I had just sung the anthem, and as I was sitting down I heard some rock band playing over the loudspeaker about Manny Ramirez. Then, Manny was traded and I was like, 'There goes that song.' So, I decided to write a song about the experience of Fenway Park, not a particular player. It doesn't matter what team your watching there, it's about the park, and you'll always have an amazing time," he says. "I really look forward to seeing what the folks at Fenway think of the song, and hope they get an opportunity to really enjoy it."

Evans, who often performs for Harrah's Casino venues, will record the song within the next few months. The new album will include fourteen songs, eight of which Evans wrote himself.

"My intent on this new CD was to introduce brand new music to an old genre, rather than rehashing songs that no one will ever sing better than Frank Sinatra," Evans concludes.


Brian Evans performing anthem at Fenway Park:


Performing "That's Life" --

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