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The Search is on for the Country's Best College Tailgaters!

The Search is on
for the Country's Best College Tailgaters!

BATON ROUGE, La., July 30 /PRNewswire/ -- In one-month fanatical tailgate fans will return to their college football team's stomping grounds to celebrate team spirit with their crazy attire, decorated vehicles and tasty food. It's tailgate season again. Many of these fans consider themselves "Professional Tailgaters." Now there is a national competition to determine the best of the best.

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National Brands Cajun Injector and The Original Louisiana Hot Sauce are searching the country for the best tailgaters. The winners will receive national corporate sponsorship and be deemed the best of the best - official "Pro Tailgaters." Hopeful tailgater pros can submit a YouTube video showcasing their dedication and passion for college football tailgating. Cajun Injector and The Original Louisiana Hot Sauce will choose three tailgate teams with the most enthusiastic viral videos from different colleges across the U.S.

"It's not that different from sponsoring a sports team," said Patrick Brown, VP of Marketing at Bruce Foods Corporation, parent company of Cajun Injector and The Original Louisiana Hot Sauce. "Many of these tailgating fans are at every home and away game, mastering the techniques that ensure they have the best setup for cooking and entertaining."

The selected three winners will receive smokers, fryers, cookware, tents, cooking tables, ice chests, clothing and a weekly allowance for a selection of meat and beverages. One of the three winners will receive a top-quality Original Louisiana Hot Sauce Mascot Costume complete with an internal cooling system.

For many sporting events, the tailgate party prior to the game attracts more participants than the game itself; this phenomenon has produced a segment for a thriving tailgating industry. Sporting goods outlets and other retailers have set aside store sections for tailgating merchandise; businesses are using hospitality tents and caterers at tailgate parties for networking and entertaining clients. Most recently, brands such as Cajun Injector and The Original Louisiana Hot Sauce are becoming corporate sponsors for tailgating teams at colleges across the country.

Cajun Injector is the number one selling injectable marinade and the one-stop-shop for meat smoking, frying, and outdoor cooking. Tailgaters wishing to be sponsored by Cajun Injector and The Original Louisiana Hot Sauce can upload a video to YouTube stating why their team is the best of the best to represent Cajun Injector during home games at their university. Winners of the sponsorship will be announced on September 1, 2009. Visit to submit your YouTube video link today.

Bruce Foods, founded in 1928, has been manufacturing original Cajun Injector and Tex Mex food products for more than 80 years, pioneering the first canned Mexican foods. Today, Bruce Foods is one of America's largest privately owned food manufacturers with more than 1,200 employees and four processing plants in the U.S., and an affiliate plant at Kerkrade in the Netherlands. Products are distributed throughout the U.S. and in more than 100 countries. Bruce Foods is known for its famous "Original" Louisiana Hot Sauce brand hot pepper sauce, Cajun Injector Injectable Marinades, Bruce's Yams and Casa Fiesta Mexican food items.

Cajun Injector and Original Louisiana Hot Sauce Tailgating Tips:
1. Always dress in team colors, and remember it's outside so dress for
drastic temperature changes.
2. Timing is everything: Food should always be ready about two hours
before the game.
3. Plan to arrive three to four hours early and stay one to two hours
after the game.
4. Plan your menu. Keep your menu simple, but not too simple - and always
spice it up!
5. Fly your tailgate team's colors with a flag or designate a monument so
people can find you.
6. Make a list of items you're taking out to your spot.
7. Meet your tailgate neighbors; you may need to borrow something or share
in the celebration of a winning season.
8. Decorate your tailgate site either in team colors or a theme; make it
9. Always find a good place to park, be strategic in your parking either
close to restrooms or the entrances to the game.

10. Leave your area as clean as it was when you arrived.
Cajun Injector and Original Louisiana Hot Sauce Tailgating Top Ten Items:
1. Sun block
2. First Aid Kits
3. Great shoes
4. Rain gear, just in case the opposing team brings it with them
5. Tons of extra ice
6. Jumper cables
7. Toilet paper
8. Big trash bags
9. Cajun Injector and Louisiana Hot Sauce products

10. Good friends makes all the difference

Source: Bruce Foods

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