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Bavaria City Racing: a Love Affair With the Kremlin

Bavaria City Racing: a Love Affair With the Kremlin

MOSCOW, July 19/PRNewswire/ -- For the second year running, Formula One Racing around the
Kremlin proved a great success. The historical center of political power in Russia was encircled by the immense horsepower of the racing machines of the three top teams in today's Formula One Racing, Red Bull, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and AT&T Williams.

More then a hundred thousand people attended the event and it was covered by around 450 journalists from Russia and foreign nationalities.
Those of you who were not in Moscow we have created a possibility to share the excitement with those who were there. Go to, and you will find a rich variety of pictures and video material that you can use free of copyright.

Moscovites lining the track of 4.5 kilometer greeted the thundering sounds of the engines with great excitement. And the drivers were thrilled to be able to cruise at high speed along the Kremlin-walls. Heikki Kovalainen (McLaren): 'History is driving with you. Can you imagine when there will be a real Monaco-style race here...'

David Coulthard (Red Bull): 'Formula One Racing has a lot of fans in Russia. It's about time we give them this kind of show regularly.'
And Kazuki Nakajima (Williams) said: 'It was amazing to drive the car around in such an iconic place. It would be great for the Russian fans to one day have a Grand Prix in their capital.'

Representatives of the Moscow Government were pleased with the opportunity to show their city to the world in this way. The Dutch brewer Bavaria took the initiative to this event. Board member Peer Swinkels: 'When we started to invest in this project we could not imagine that it would work out in this fantastic way. The cooperation with our Russian partners was perfect.'

Organizing an event that encircles the Kremlin for a couple of hours is not an easy task. Special security arrangements had to be made in order not to interrupt the functioning of the Kremlin and to enable the raceshow to proceed in a safe way for the drivers and the public.

The WORLD FEED by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) will be at 15:00h GMT and is available on the following satelite links: Europe (W3A), the Americas (NSS806) and Asia (Asiasat2).

About Bavaria

Bavaria is the second largest beer brewery in the Netherlands.

As an independent family brewery Bavaria holds a unique position on the international beer market. For seven generations, the company has been managed by the Swinkels family.

Source: Bavaria
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