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Hollywood Fly Fisherman John Dietsch Returns to the River

Hollywood Fly Fisherman John Dietsch Returns to the River

MISSOULA, Mont., July 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Adventure Guides : Fishing Edition (Fridays 8PM EST on Outdoor Channel) will be filming throughout Montana starting July 18th, just as Sony Pictures prepares to release a Special Edition of A River Runs Through It onto Blu-Ray July 28th. John Dietsch, who produces and hosts the Adventure Guides TV series, got his start in Hollywood coordinating the fly-fishing scenes on Robert Redford's classic film. Dietsch choreographed scenes using mechanical fish, spent days in a Hollywood parking lot teaching Brad Pitt to fly cast, and even stunt doubled for Pitt during the film's pivotal sequence.

This week, Dietsch returns to the rivers of Montana to retrace his steps on making the film. Since Adventure Guides profiles the lives and lifestyles of the world's most colorful fishing guides, "it was only natural to feature those who helped us craft these memorable scenes", says Dietsch. Local legends like John Bailey, John Foust and Paul Roos are to be profiled, as well as many other veteran and up-and-coming guides along the Bitterroot, Blackfoot, Gallatin, Missouri, Madison and Yellowstone Rivers.

Part of Dietsch's desire to return to Montana was to chronicle the ways the rivers and ecosystem had been affected by the film. Of particular interest to Dietsch is the restoration of the Blackfoot River, where the original story took place, as well as the removal of a nearby dam to improve conservation efforts there. Dietsch's passion is conservation, and believes strongly in protecting man's relationship to the outdoors. "There is something about the sport of fly fishing that is very spiritual," says Dietsch, who also co-wrote the book Shadowcasting, and trademarked the term "Fishing is Religion" for his website Hook.Tv, the preeminent fly fishing video community on the web. (a YouTube for fishing) connects anglers all over the world with videos, blogs, forums, and lodge condition reports. Live updates and making-of clips from the Montana shoot will be available daily on the site

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