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New Book About Cleveland Sports Misery Now Available as World Series Begins with Cliff Lee Facing C.C. Sabathia

New Book About Cleveland Sports Misery Now Available as World Series Begins with Cliff Lee Facing C.C. Sabathia

Nerd Nite Host Matt Wasowski Pens Collection of Personal Essays Chronicling How One's Life Can Be Completely Influenced by Sports, Particularly Cleveland Sports

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- As Cleveland sports fans sulk after another loss by the Browns and brace themselves to watch former Indians C.C. Sabathia and Cliff Lee face each other in Game One of the World Series, one such fan has written a book describing Cleveland's frustrations. "It's Okay to Like Sports: How Women, Artists, and Intellectuals Can Find Cultural Value in Athletics," by Matt Wasowski, released this summer, is a collection of introspective, poignant, and humorous personal essays that closely examine how nearly every aspect of his everyday life is affected by his love of Cleveland sports.

"Wasowski is a passionate fan who readily and charmingly conveys the pleasures and pitfalls of sports addiction!" says Jonathan Ames, author of "The Double Life is Twice as Good."

Wasowski, 34, is the host of critically acclaimed Nerd Nite presentation series in New York. After growing up in sports-crazed Cleveland, Wasowski now lives in Brooklyn and wrote this book as a response to what he sees as the predominantly negative connotation that sports has in many of New York's social and cultural circles.

From how he converses with friends, thinks about parenthood, or monitors his personal finances, Wasowski reveals his deepest insecurities and darkest secrets while never losing sight of the fact that Cleveland sports have contributed significantly to his entire being -- even giving him a loser's mentality.

For example, in his essay, "Mind Games," Wasowski writes, "Being a displaced Clevelander for the last 15 years has granted me a perspective about my hometown I was never able to possess while living there. Now I know that while growing up I was immersed in a city that suffers from a loser's mentality -- I was just too close to the people and the city to realize it at the time. I still love Cleveland, I loved growing up there, I love visiting there, and I can't imagine life without Northeast Ohio. However, though I'm now a transplanted New Yorker, I too suffer from a loser's mentality, and I can't help but attribute it to my homeland."

Now that the Phillies and Yankees will trot out former Cleveland Cy Young award winners, Wasowski's frustration -- like that of his Cleveland peers -- only grows. While Red Sox fans bemoaned that their team hadn't won a World Series since 1918, their Celtics and Patriots won multiple championships. And as Cubs fans whine about no celebrations since 1908, they still witnessed numerous glories of Chicago's mighty Bulls and Bears. Yet Cleveland fans haven't celebrated a championship in any major sport since 1964.

The book is currently available in paperback and for the Kindle at and will be available shortly at

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