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Photos: Chicago Olympic 2016 Dream: Let There Be Light . . . I Have A Dream of Olympic Lights

"Help keep the dream in lighting the world." Talk about a bright idea inside of an idea. A Hospitality/Doorman in Chicago has become the Leonardo Da Vinci of light bulbs. 51-year-old Raymond Guyton is holding up the light. He has created a line of customized 3-5 watt novelty legacy light bulb designs. Each bulb has a profound personal message and creates its own inspirational story. Talk about going green. Although the 3-5 watt light bulb is very low in wattage, the internal inspirational message is huge! Mr. Guyton, an African-American, will be featured October 1 on the cover of Skoop Magazine. It is a trendy new magazine available exclusively on mobile devices such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and the new Palm Pre. News updates on the hottest new companies, technologies, entertainment, trends, happenings, and events that on-the-go readers crave.

CHICAGO, Sept. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Mr. Guyton's hope is that his invention of novelty light bulbs will soon be lighting homes across America. One light bulb illuminates and gives off light while the filament inside is shaped to form 'Chicago 2016.' For thirteen years he has been on a personal marathon race to license or sell this dream.

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Other bulbs include different messages: 'I have a dream,' 'USA' with an American flag, and the most popular is the Crucifixion Cross - just to name a few. Guyton says he came up with the idea while manning the door at an Atlanta hotel just before the 1996 Olympics when, just like a comic book, a light bulb popped up over his head. Now he has an entire line of bulbs. Inventor Raymond Guyton is holding up the light with his new 3-5 watt novelty legacy inspirational light bulbs. It will be featured on Times Square's Digital Bulletin Board in New York City on Wednesday, September 30.

His company is Hold Up The Light. His company's motto is "Products that shine the light on the world." Just like the Statue of Liberty and the symbol of her uplifted arms reads a message of welcome, so also does Hold Up The Light II's logo with a hand holding a bulb sends a message of light leading all to Mr. Guyton's products.

The goal of the Millennium Light Source Project, especially from October 1 through April 4, is to raise funds to help build the memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King in Washington DC. The first step toward this goal, Mr. Guyton is looking for people to visit his website and order his products. He needs $15,000.00 to get the I Have A Dream bulb and his newest bulbs packaged and ready to go to market.

Raymond Guyton says, "I am but one voice - I believe that the Olympics will not only be good for Chicago but will be a light of hope for America and that it will encourage other entrepreneurs to come forward and breathe life and light into their own dreams." Another one of his dreams is to work with companies, other entrepreneurs, and inventors to help the world go green by 2016.

In Mr. Guyton's words "The power of change begins in you." For more information or to support the Millennium Light Source Project, please visit the website or call 773-559-0075.

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Source: Hold Up The Light II

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