giovedì 4 dicembre 2008

Angela Tosheva, pianist

A rare mixture of rigueur and dynamics characterizes Angela Tosheva's performance style. These have been recognized as exceptional qualities and have lead to the numerous awards that she received throughout her career.

Her professional achievements include Usti nad Labem award at the age of 12, first prize at the International competition in Salerno in 1978, and first prize at the Liszt-Bartok competition in 1988, Golden Feather award of the Classic FM Sofia 1997.

Deemed one of the most outstanding Bulgarian pianists, Angela Tosheva graduated from Sofia Academy of Music in 1984. Musical studies: 1975-1980: Secondary Music School in Sofia (Piano with Liudmila Stoyanova), 1980-1984 - State Musical Academy in Sofia (1980-1982: with Prof. Mara Petkova, 1982 – 1984 : with Prof. Bogomil Starshenov), 1984-1986: Master degree on Piano and Chamber Music in The State Academy of Music in Sofia (Piano with Prof. Lilly Atanassova and Chamber Music with Prof. Dimitar Kozev); 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986: Bartok Seminar in Hungary with Prof. Gyorgy Sebok; 1986 - Early Music Master Class in Trondheim, Norway - (Harpsichord and Chamber Music with Prof. Ketil Haugsand); 1989 - Prof. Gyorgy Sebok’s Piano and Chamber Music Master Class in Ernen, Switzerland.

1991 - Master of Art Criticism - Ph.D. with thesis on “Interpretation’s approach to the Evolution of the Genre of The Piano Quartet and Quintet 1600-1880”

In 2003, together with composer Michail Goleminov, she founded The Orange Factory - psycho acoustic arts and music publishing house.

Since 1991, after giving up her academic career, she is living as a freelance soloist.

Concerts and concert tours all over the world - her extraordinary performance have been internationally acclaimed in more than twenty countries including Portugal, Brazil, Italy, France, Russia, Ireland, Turkey, Canada, Norway and in the USA.

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