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The WINTERFEST'10 Water Polo Tournament
(Feb 12th-14th)
Finds Growth through Diversity -
All Ages, Skill Levels,
Co-Ed & Single Gender Teams Participate

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., Feb. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Los Al WPC (The Los Alamitos Water Polo Club) announced the nationally recognized WINTERFEST Water Polo Tournament is being held from February 12th through the 14th throughout Orange County and L.A. County, with top-division playoff rounds at the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base. The tournament includes support from leading industry sponsors Mikasa Sports, TruWest, SwimExchange, Monsterpolo and others.

This year marks the seventh WINTERFEST Water Polo Tournament which was originally founded by Los Al WPC as a localized Southern California event. The event has rapidly grown to include Water Polo teams from as far North as Washington, as far East as Florida and on occasion, even international clubs join the action. The overwhelming growth and success of the event stems largely from the liberal team admissions criteria adopted by Los Al WPC . The WINTERFEST admittance standards foster diversity among players and are less restrictive than water polo tournaments hosted by other event organizers. The WINTERFEST skill levels ("skill flights") range from beginner through advanced, ages may range from 7 to 70 and even co-ed teams are invited to participate in the event. Participant diversity makes WINTERFEST a genuinely unique water polo event.

Bahram Hojreh, founder and Director of Los Al WPC, comments:

"The WINTERFEST Water Polo Tournament has become a household name to those participating in the sport. I genuinely appreciate the continued support of coaches, facility managers, sponsors, players and others involved in helping organize, develop and host the regular meets and championship events. It is these people, and their enthusiasm for the sport, that has helped to drive the success of the nationally recognized WINTERFEST Water Polo Tournament.

Those of us who originally organized the event - including avid water polo players and coaches - wanted to provide an opportunity for all serious players to compete in a genuine championship event - regardless of their age, gender or skill level. We realized that the admissions requirements applied by other water polo event organizers were too stringent. Thus, we opted to incorporate a diverse and broad set of standards, permitting competition of all genders and co-ed teams, all skill 'flights' ranging from amateur through advanced levels and all ages from '10&U' [ages 10 and under] through 20+ adult teams. It worked. Participants and sponsors quickly caught on to the opportunities helping us grow WINTERFEST from a local event into a nationally recognized event.

We expect growth compared to last year's event which included over 93 clubs, 350 teams, 4,000 players, 85 referees spread out over 24 pools and drawing the attention of over 100,000 fans, friends and family members."

Fans, friends and family members interested in attending the events should visit

Water Polo teams and clubs interested in competing in future WINTERFEST or other Los Al WPC events should contact Event Director Bahram Hojreh at

Press planning on attending is asked to contact Bahram Hojreh prior to the events for event schedules and other event related information.

Source: Los Alamitos Youth Water Polo Club, Inc.

CONTACT: Barham Hojreh of the Los Alamitos Youth Water Polo Club, Inc.
("Los Al WPC"), +1-949-533-5216,

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