venerdì 31 ottobre 2008

My visit to Koprivstitsa

One of my incredible visits to Koprivstitsa was in the year 2000 with two friends of mine – Boryana, a German teacher and Kate - an American girl at the age of 24 who came to Bulgaria one year earlier like my colleague at school. We decided to go to to Koprivstitsa to see the big national folk festival that is held in every 5 years . And these days were fantastic like experience and pleasure together. We traveled on a very hot day at the beginning of August not in the best way. But from the next early morning everything was great! We decided to have a coffee in a very nice place in the centre of the town and only in few minutes there came 3 strangers – 2 girls and a man who asked us to sit at our table. They were smiling and kind and we invited them with pleasure. They introduced themselves. The girls were French but a man was from Israel. We found so many common subjects to discuss that the next two days we were inseparable. The two French girls were so impressed . They shared that they have come in Bulgaria to learn Bulgarian customs and dances and they wouldn’t like to go back to France …they were so fascinated by our folklore. We had a wonderful time together, in the first evening watched the concert in the square of town , had tea , laughed a lot telling different stories and compared our songs, dances and style of living. It was very interesting and amusing for me because I has usually been somewhere with my family and now I felt myself in a different way- more free and perhaps more artistic. It was very funny because Israeli didn’t stop annoying Kate . He wasn’t very tactful and talked to her about the war, bombs , American guns and….
She began to hide from him and it was very, very funny. They were like children. But the last day they became more friendly and they made some pictures together because they realized that they will never be able to forget these three days in our country.

Nowadays I often remember this wonderful time and can say that the best
of our visit to Koprivstitsa was that we all felt ourselves there like a family , so free and merry, cheerful , easy-going …we were Humans. It was wonderful to listen to music together, do dance Bulgarian horos and to walk around and observe very interesting and old Bulgarian customs …

People be together with music and you will love each other more…I am sure.