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SAULE KILAITE e Picasso Strings

Violinista e pianista di formazione classica, triplamente e brillantemente diplomata in violino e pianoforte a Kaunas (Lituania) nel 1995 e successivamente al Conservatorio di Brescia nel 1997, Saule Kilaite si distingue per la bravura e per l’ottima presenza scenica.

“Violin Performance” is a truly enjoyable show that must be seen. With more than one hundred and fifty performances, it continues to surprise and charm audiences of any age group and is increasingly requested on important and prestigious occasions.
It is based on a virtual journey through different kinds of music from all over the world: from ethnic to modern and from classical to pop music.
The musician, Saule Kilaite, creates a particular atmosphere with the audience, while its imagination and fantasy wander through fragments of poems, anecdotes and enthralling music tracks produced with sophisticated digital instruments.
The effect is that of an orchestra with virtual musicians who gently follow her harmonic notes and virtuoso violin performance.
Saule plays her violin moving around and almost dancing to the notes of famous tracks, which are nevertheless radically changed and reinterpreted thanks to her creative verve.
Her arrangements transform the melodies so as to enthral and surprise the audience.
A performance with a high emotional impact, that has the effect of making time “fly” during her concerts.
Her repertoire is continuously updated and includes a number of selected music tracks prepared in recording studios, where Saule cuts various musical parts in order to set up a personal orchestra.
With the use of digital instruments, she achieves that deepness of sound that is necessary to create atmospheres with a high emotional impact; this also enables her to play over pre-recorded sounds from her own violin.
The effect is that of a sole performer accompanied by ever different instruments.
This creative path resembles the style of other famous musicians such as Laurie Anderson and Vanessa Mae.
Her sound research and the peculiarity of this technique make her one of the few violinists in Italy who can manage an entire concert on their own.
With her stage temperament, she is perfect for: theatre plays, cultural events, live concerts with other performers, prestigious conventions and events, varnishing days, inaugurations, disco events and entertainment, as well as religious services and spiritual events where the violin by itself fills the environment with the deepness of sacred music.
The musician's class and elegance is inspired by the famous fashion designer Roberta Scarpa, who has elected her among her testimonials.

Violinist and pianist with a classical background, brilliantly graduated in violin and piano in Kaunas (Lithuania) in 1995 and then from the Brescia Academy of Music in 1997. She has played for many orchestras in Milan and the outer city. In January 2001, she set up the Picasso Strings Project with the ambitious aim of combining various art forms; with this group, she took part in increasingly important engagements in TV shows, live pop concerts and studio recordings.
She has taken part in the recording sessions for many film soundtracks and CDs of Italian pop stars; she has also held hundreds of concerts with her quartet, with famous light-music singers and as a soloist within her new project “Violin Performance”; she has appeared in numerous television shows on the main national channels next to celebrities such as Laura Pausini, Cesare Cremonini and Lee Ryan of Blue. In 2005, Saule broadened her artistic horizon with interviews and appearances on magazine covers; she also took part as guest star in the film “Still Life”. She is currently working on a live performance project with her ethnic band.
Together with her team, she is gathering new ideas and tracks for her next CD.
At the same time, she continues to give her ever changing “Violin Performance” in prestigious Italian and European theatres.

Artista completa, coreografica ed adattabile a qualsiasi palco, Saule Kilaite reinventa e interpreta a suo modo diversi brani classici, etnici e moderni, esibendosi in due formazioni diverse:
da sola in "VIOLIN PERFORMANCE" (Saule suona in movimento, muovendosi tra il pubblico, quasi danzando tra le note di brani conosciuti, tuttavia stravolti e reinterpretati dalla sua vena creativa. I suoi arrangiamenti in chiave POP trasformano in novità vecchie melodie. )
Il concerto è disponibile anche in versione "VIOLIN-VIDEO-PERFORMANCE", dove l'esibizione descritta è arricchita da video sincronizzati, prodotti apposta per lei da alcuni tra i più creativi videoartisti del panorama nazionale.
"QUARTETTO PICASSO STRINGS" Il quartetto femminile esegue una piacevole musica acustica di intrattenimento, in stile classico e moderno. Note per il loro impatto scenico e per aver partecipato a numerosissimi passaggi televisivi su tutte le reti nazionali accanto a famosi personaggi dello spettacolo per le performance dal vivo, la scelta del repertorio di intrattenimento è studiata in modo da conquistare ogni fascia di età e cultura e viene modificata e personalizzata per ogni evento.
Maggiori informazioni, foto e video dell'Artista sono disponibili sul sito

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